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AI powered document management
AI powered document processing

Enhance your document handling capabilities with custom workflows.
Ingest, extract, classify, validate, index, search and export data.

Just capture it!

Extract key information from documents, emails, tickets, and databases. Convert unstructured data from various sources into practical insights

Intelligent Extraction

Experience a user-friendly and efficient way to import files from a variety of widely-used sources including Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive, SharePoint, and many more. This seamless integration allows for quick and effortless transfer of files from these platforms, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free data ingestion experience

Seamless Ingestion

Automatic sorting and indexing with advanced searching capabilities

Revolutionize Your Document Processing with OCR - Embark on Your Digital Evolution Today!

Discover Smarter Document Management

Are You Set to Transform Your Data Handling? Discover the Power of OCR for Business Excellence

Elevate your document management with our advanced OCR technology. Tailored to optimize operations, our solutions enhance accuracy and efficiency in data processing. From automating invoices to improving identity verification, we help businesses reduce errors and boost productivity. Embrace the future of digital efficiency with our OCR services and propel your business towards unparalleled success.

Optimize logistics operations with our OCR solutions, ideal for managing air waybills, cargo manifests, and bills of lading. Streamline the documentation process for shipments, enhance tracking accuracy, and accelerate customs clearance, ensuring timely and efficient cargo delivery.

Logistics and Transportation

Enhance retail operations with our OCR solutions for invoice and receipt management. Automate data entry for inventory, sales transactions, and customer purchase records. Improve accuracy in pricing, inventory tracking, and customer data management, leading to a seamless shopping experience and better business insights.

Retail and E-Commerce

Revolutionize your financial document management with our OCR solutions. Streamline processes like loan processing, customer onboarding, and transaction record-keeping. Enhance accuracy in data extraction from financial statements, checks, and KYC documents, reducing manual errors and improving compliance.

Finance and Banking

Transform patient care and record management in healthcare with our OCR technology. Effortlessly convert patient records, prescriptions, and diagnostic reports into digital formats. Ensure accurate data capture for patient history, billing, and insurance claims, leading to improved patient service and operational efficiency.